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Green Technology Cleaning Solutions (GTech™)  was developed out of a world-wide need for safer and better cleaning products.  All of our products have been developed with three standards in common ...

  • They must work.
  • They must be safe to the user.
  • They must be environmentally friendly and safe for our planet.

When you use GTech products, you will see the American Pride that has gone into the making of our products and you will be proud to use and recommend GTech products knowing they are safe and that they deliver results!  

GTech™can be used to quickly & safely remove soils & stains from most surfaces such as oil, grease, brake dust, carpet stains, algea, paint, grass stains, red mud, lipstick, food stains, bugs & tar, soap scum, RV & trailer black streaking, shoe marks, & so much more.  And, you don't have to pay the most to get the best!

Please click on the Results link to see pictures and testimonials on what our cleaner is capable of.

High Powered, Tough Cleaner ... Super Gentle!

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